Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials

Tpcm 750 Series

TpcmTM 750 Series is a high-performance thermal phase change material designed to meet the thermal reliability and price requirements of high-end thermal applications. The series is inherently tacky, flexible and extremely easy-to-use. The TpcmTM 750 series is available in 0.2 mm (Tpcm 758) and 0.25 mm (Tpcm 7510) thicknesses.

At temperatures above its transition temperature of 50°C, the TpcmTM 750 series begins to soften and flow, filling the microscopic irregularities of the components it comes into contact . The result is minimal thermal contact resistance at the interfaces.

The TpcmTM 750 Series can be supplied as cut parts with tabbed liners for easy application.

• Silicone-free

• Exceptionally, low thermal resistance

• High thermal reliability, minimal pump out

• Naturally tacky, requires no adhesive

• Easy rework

• Cost Effective

Applications • Microprocessors
• Chipsets
• Graphic Processing Chips
• Custom ASICs
• Notebooks
• Desktops
• Servers
• Memory Modules
Product Line Tpcm 750 Series


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